Specific Development

Our expertise :

In order to face our customers' needs in term of specific applications, our developpment team has developped expertise in those three mains tools :

ORACLE version 7/8/9

(Var since 1994)


(Business Partner since 1998)

OMNIS 7 / OMNIS Studio

(Var since 1989)

Our method :

Step 1 : A project manager writes down the articles and conditions in co-operation with the customer. This document is the agreement that establishes the general and technical specifications of the development.

Step 2 : The developping team is then managed by the project manager who presents to the customer a few demos so as to control the progress report.

Step 3 : The setting-up on the customer site and the user's training allow the user to take delivery of the product while been sure of a corrective maintenance. Our help-desk as well as our remote access means allow to assure answers as soon as possible.

Some of our realisations :